Indoor VS. Outdoor

Outdoor neon signs have a clear coating and therefor will have visible seal marks when the neon is turned off. This is not easily visible when the neon is turned on. We do recommend choosing an indoor neon unless the neon will be exposed to the elements. An indoor neon sign is perfectly fine to use outdoors, however, it is not water-tight and cannot be exposed to wet weather.

Installation and hanging

The neon tube and backing acrylic we use is surprisingly lightweight and on average weighs 2-6kg. Unless requested otherwise all neons come with pre-drilled holes in the acrylic backing for easy hanging. Hang your neon with hooks; heavy duty fishing wire or heavy-duty removable hooks. You can also fix your neon directly to the wall. For permanently fixed neons we recommend getting a qualified electrician to install your neon and to best hide any cords.

What plugs will my neon have?

Your custom neon will come with: 1 x clear cord around 2m long which is attached to the sign. 1 x transformer with a 1-2m cord which connects between the clear cord and powerpoint. All signs come with their own countries power plug to be plugged straight into the wall socket. *Our signs do not come with a battery pack.

What is a Dimmer and why is it already added?

Most places will charge extra for a dimming remote but as we feel all signs should have the option to be dimmed we have included one for free. The remote offers a range of brightness settings, ON & OFF option, and Party Modes (i.e. makes the sign flash, flicker, and pulse).

Acrylic backing options

For all script/handwritten fonts we will use ‘cut around’ as the automatic choice. Please select ‘cut to the letter’ if you would like less clear backing. We do only recommend this option on signs 1m or smaller as larger signs could become very fragile. For our bold font we will use rectangle acrylic. Our standard backing option is clear. If you have a preference for a different backing colour please contact us prior to completing your online order to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

What is the warranty?

We offer a full one year warranty against any shipping damages as well as manufacturing defects. For shipping damages we do require photo proof of the damaged box. Without this we are unable to accept the damages. If your sign has not come as you requested or is damaged or not working correctly, then we will replace your sign as quickly as possible. See our full shipping and returns policy here>

UV Printed Signs

UV printing uses high-tech ultra-violet lights to cure ink as it is printed and allows for picture perfect designs filled with detail. Combined with our LED Neon tubing, these can make some of the most vivid and elaborate signs imaginable.

Colour Changing LED Signs

We are able to provide the some spectacular colour changing signs using special technology. Some of the options for effects include chasing lights in various colours, colours fading to another, flashing alternate colours.

Custom-Shape Signs

Your signs doesn’t have to just be rectangle or cut to the letter, in fact we can create your neon sign in virtually any shape you might need, a circle, a star, or even upstanding. If you need something outside of the box, then contact us directly so our design team can begin creating.

Custom Neon Business Signs

We have had the pleasure of working with amazing business's in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia wide using not just neon flex but also neon acrylic for a shiny polished look. Modern neon sign lights are making their way into many businesses and home thanks to their cost effective, energy efficient, lightweight properties. Not only are LED neon light signs cheaper, they’re also super easy to install as they are more durable than traditional glass neon. In most cases you can simply wall mount or hang it yourself. With our low prices but great quality you can now afford your own custom or shop LED neon sign.

Outdoor Neon Signs

Looking for an LED neon sign but need it for outdoors? We can help you as we can offer waterproofing to any of our LED neon lights. All of our outdoor neon business signs are UV resistant and come with a 3 month manufacturer's warranty. As our custom neon signs are handmade and the waterproofing process is done by hand, the process required to make the led neon flex watertight can sometimes leave a small visible seal mark on the outside of the neon tubes. When your sign is mounted and switched on the marks won’t be visible.

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